All of us wear many hats and everyone has his or her strengths and weaknesses. Learning to be confident wearing and balancing my many creative hats has taken me over a half of a century. My creative skill sets are far from any “textbook” definition in that I am mostly self taught. My path has been littered with learning disabilities and many physical challenges. However, because of my personal faith in God I never gave up and I am still walking the path of creative self discovery.

In my painting I work in several different water-based mediums including transparent watercolor, water-based oils and gouache. I keep two daily journals; one that includes both writing and artwork, and another where I practice cursive writing. My hope in sharing my journey with you is that it will give you new courage to never give up, to find your creative focus and to learn to balance whatever “hats” you carry with you throughout your life.


Have you ever purchased a beautiful journal or sketch book and been afraid to write or paint in it for fear that you might “mess it up?” Or have you found yourself having a hard time knowing just what to write or paint? You can start today to change your focus from fear to a new and lasting self confidence. Please come along with me, here on my blog, where I will seek to find and to share my focus as I attempt to leave a legacy of a life in search of God’s love.

Follow me as I paint, write and teach all about my creative process. Through painting and journaling I hope to motivate you to find your God given talents. I invite you to take a walk with me on my personal journey as we learn to recognize the path and to use our creative gifts. I want to encourage within you a new confidence, to create and to discover the hope and assurance that you were created by God with unique qualities that no one else can offer.